Dalter USA

Dalter USA Inc is the new overseas sales division for Dalter, headquartered in New York, which was established in August 2015 with the purpose of satisfying the specific needs of companies operating in the Unites States as best as possible

High quality Italian products are very successful overseas, and in particular food products. The United States market is in fact the second market in the world with regard to the import of Parmigiano Reggiano PDO and Grana Padano PDO.
The United States is a very large country that is structured differently than European countries, which makes it a market that is very difficult to manage both on a sales as well as on a logistics level. This all becomes much simpler with the establishment of a local operative and logistics company, which permits better organisation and distribution and more careful supervision of the territory. Franco Cibinetto is our sales professional of reference, who is specialised in the dairy sector, and has in-depth knowledge about the procedures and logistical structure of the United States market. He is also extremely knowledgeable about the sales channels and specific needs of the American market.


Legal headquarters/billing address: c/o Sciarrino kindya & CO.
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