Blends of grated cheeses that stand out in terms of flavour, seasoning properties and efficacy in use.

Leader in the production of prepacked cheeses

We offer the widest range of cuts on the market: At least 9 variants which are all tailor made according to the customer’s request


40 years of innovation, passion for our territory and expansion to other countries to let the world know the Italian cheese tradition

Organic Parmigiano Reggiano

Discover what features the Parmigiano Reggiano must have
in order to be Organic and the formats available

Spinoro and pastamore: the perfect vegetarian cheeses to use as an ingredient in your recipes.

Cheeses made entirely with microbiological rennet. Discover our wide range of different cuts and formats.

Cheeses for the food industry

Matured and semi-seasoned cheeses in packs from 5 g to 5 kg

Cheeses for catering services

Grated cheeses portioned in single-serving or large-format packs

Cheeses for large retail chains

Grated and portioned cheeses available in family sized wedges

Cheeses for private labels

Solutions for all cutting, packaging, and weight needs

Dalter School

A collection of technical content to know everything about PDO cheeses from Italy and abroad. Differences and peculiarities.

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Case-history: Dalter Alimentari and Rigamonti

With the evolution of consumer habits in mind, Rigamonti started to develop a product with a high service content for foreign retailers in 2014. It...

A new range of blend

Dalter Alimentari expands its product portfolio for food industries and the operators of the food service: two targets that use cheeses as an...

Dalter starts to work with the dairy of provazzano

Located in the hills of Parma, near Neviano degli Arduini, the dairy Provazzano joins an integrated supply chain model of Dalter Alimentari. The...

A journey through the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese supply chain

From the collection of the milk to the packaging, we are all committed by one main goal: Make an excellent Parmigiano Reggiano cheese
Discover here how

Grated parmesan cheese in flakes, fillets and single portions.

Today Dalter maintains a leading position in the professional food sector of Italy. Our cheeses are produced to meet the needs of commercial and collective caterings, wholesales of cheeses and distributors of food products. The continuous evolution towards new shapes and new sizes led Dalter to develop, over the years, the widest range of cuts on the market. Discover all available variants.

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